Everyday life at Sommerbjerg

A part of the 700 cows grazing at the 800 acres with grass.

Daily routines start at 3.15 and end at 18.00 

The working day starts at 03.15, when the runner ”wakes up” the first cows in one of the 4 cow groups and starts herding them towards the milking parlour with 2 x 28 units. Here await the 2 milkers. They inspect every single cow, wash their udders and perform test milking by hand. Hereafter the fully automatic milking machines are placed on the udder and after 15-20 minutes the udder is milked and the cow walks out of the milking parlour.

When all cows have been milked they are herded off to fields – during the summer months – or back into the barns during winter, where they are fed silage, grain and concentrated feed.

This feed is normally handled by Mads Helms or his father, Edvard. 

During the day the employees register all required details on the cows and their milk and inspect the dry cows and calves that are with their mothers.

At 14.15 the afternoon milking starts on the first cows that are herded back from the fields by the runner after they have spent 9-10 hours in the fields. At approx. 18.00 all cows have been milked and are back in their free-range barns, where the afternoon feed is served.