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The original idea behind let's eco is to find a way to make our Danish and EU certified organic milk powder affordable for people all over the world. To fullfill our purpose let´s eco is exclusively available online. We are looking for entrepreneurial and passionate partners who want to build a solid and viable business and accelerate the organic movement with us.

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Nordic organic lifestyle

Natural organic dairy since establishment of Them® Dairy in1888.

World famous Danish dairy know-how and craftsmanship guarantee a natural, rich and fresh organic taste.

Our product line includes our fantastic organic children formulated milk powder "Grow UP".

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Dairy of 1888 Ingredients

Applying newly developed and patented protein extraction technology, we ensure gently processed milk proteins of high purity. Our first ingredient will be lactoferrin, which is highly abundant in human milk and therefore an important component when trying to mimic human milk in infant formula production. It is especially known for its antimicrobial effects.

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Highest level of food safety

Only made in Denmark

Our organic milk powders are mixed and packed under full protective atmosphere at a state of the art equipment from new facilities in Denmark just finished in 2020. Organic certified and approved for export to China and USA.

We have implemented a traceability system so that every single product can have a unique QR code which is blockchain verified. It means every single product from us has unique code so you can verify its authenticity and trace the product journey.

Dairy of 1888 Group

Dairy of 1888 group is founded by Them Dairy who was established in the Royal Kingdom of Denmark back in the year 1888. Today, Them Dairy still remains independent and dedicated to produce Danish Dairy - probably the best dairy in the world.

In 2019 Dairy of 1888 group was joined by Bagger Sørensen & Co. Ltd., the family of the chewing gum brands Dandy® Dirol ®, Stimorol ® and V6® to Cadbury-Schweppes Plc., and Fertin Pharma A/S. Also shared ownership is with private individuals and employees.

Also shared ownership is with private individuals and employees.


Denmark's national organic label.


European union's organic label.


China's organic product label.



Heritage and modern dairy. More than 100 years of trust.

standing firm - since 1888.

Our dairy in the year 1888 - the fairy tale begins

Standing firm in 1888 and today

Best-in-class technology

134 years... and still fresh

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Organic milk production in Denmark

All our milk comes from organic local Danish farms, with cows roaming outdoor freely and majestically. Dairy 1888 products are crafted with fresh organic milk, successfully distinguishing themselves from the mass market dairy products found in stores today.

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Organic cows in Denmark must have access to free pasture from April 15th to November 1st. Even in the wintertime, the cows must go to open-air areas for exercise. Besides, the feed for cows must be 100% organic, and a major part of the feed must be rough-age coming from the farm´s own pasture.

When the cow gives birth to the calf, the baby calf must be given the opportunity to satisfy its suckling need during the lactation period of 3 months.

If an organic cow is treated with veterinary medicine, the withdrawal period at our dairy is twice of non-organic milking cows.



First we milk the cow

The cows are carefully milked on our own farms and thoroughly tested on a zero-tolerance basis for antibiotics and thermo bacteria on farm level on every single milk collection. By any trace of antibiotics all the milk is rejected and send to waste.



Then we put the milk in a tank

The milk is transported in our own controlled milk tankers directly to our dairy. We are the only dairy in Denmark performing systematic testing for thermo bacteria on our tankers delivering the fresh milk to the Dairy.



Milk Processing

The milk is freshly pasteurized using the newest and best technology to ensure a natural, rich and fresh organic taste. When spray drying our milk is gently processed and monitored all the way to keep taste and nutrients.



Safe release

All our milk is immediately packed and delivered. We do not keep stock but produce in small series so we ensure only fresh milk is delivered to you. All products must pass the full test before release.