Nordic organic lifestyle. Be strong, stand firm.

Standing firm on our belief that natural organic dairy is one of nature's gifts. We believe in pure, natural and traditional Nordic goodness — never to surrender to industrialised dairy. Them dairy is standing firm since 1888.

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Organic Milk Powder

We have kept all the natural nutrition. Taste the difference.

We keep full traceability and control every part of our milk:

From when carefully milking our cows on our own organic farms in Denmark, to bringing the fresh milk in our own controlled milk tankers directly to our spray drying facility where our milk is gently processed to keep natural taste and nutrients. Our powder is immediately packed and fresh.

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Organic Farm Milk

Your new standard of milk.

Keeping a rich and fresh organic taste. From the moment when the cow is carefully milked at our own organic farms in Denmark to where you pick up your favourite choice of milk.

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Organic Butter

Made the good old way that made Danish butter truly world famous for its taste and quality.

We are churning our organic cream into butter, not pressing it. If you wonder how Danish butter became so famous, try Dairy1888 organic butter and you will know.

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Organic Danish Cheese

Deliciously tasteful and artisan made.

Taste from Mild, to Rich, and Extra Rich. Matured to perfection between 15-44 weeks. They can hold their own on any cheese buffet.

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Denmark's national organic label.


European union's organic label.


China's organic product label.



Heritage and modern dairy. More than 100 years of trust.

standing firm - since 1888.


In the year 1888 in the Royal Kingdom of Denmark, 47 farmers united to found their own dairy. Our fairy tale begins with a loan of 300 US dollars and 135 cows. Our first chairman was the local schoolteacher in the small village named Them in the beautifully curved Danish countryside.

History was shaped through dreams and hard work and little did we know when it all started that the united Danish cooperative dairy was forever to change the world of dairy. We have been standing firm since 1888 and we have kept our heritage strong. Its´ hard to beat real Danish dairy.

Our dairy in the year 1888 - the fairy tale begins

Standing firm in 1888 and today

Keeping our heritage strong - National Champion of Environmental and Corporate Sustainability

130 years of trust

Organic milk production in Denmark

All our milk comes from organic local Danish farms, with cows roaming outdoor freely and majestically. Dairy 1888 products are crafted with fresh organic milk, successfully distinguishing themselves from the mass market dairy products found in stores today.

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Organic cows in Denmark must have access to free pasture from April 15th to November 1st. Even in the wintertime, the cows must go to open-air areas for exercise. Besides, the feed for cows must be 100% organic, and a major part of the feed must be rough-age coming from the farm´s own pasture.

When the cow gives birth to the calf, the baby calf must be given the opportunity to satisfy its suckling need during the lactation period of 3 months.

If an organic cow is treated with veterinary medicine, the withdrawal period at our dairy is twice of non-organic milking cows.



First we milk the cow

The cows are carefully milked on our own farms and thoroughly tested on a zero-tolerance basis for antibiotics and thermo bacteria on farm level on every single milk collection. By any trace of antibiotics all the milk is rejected and send to waste.



Then we put the milk in a tank

The milk is transported in our own controlled milk tankers directly to our dairy. We are the only dairy in Denmark performing systematic testing for thermo bacteria on our tankers delivering the fresh milk to the Dairy.



Milk Processing

The milk is freshly pasteurized using the newest and best technology to ensure a natural, rich and fresh organic taste. When spray drying our milk is gently processed and monitored all the way to keep taste and nutrients.



Safe release

All our milk is immediately packed and delivered. We do not keep stock but produce in small series so we ensure only fresh milk is delivered to you. All products must pass the full test before release.

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Denmark is the ideal country for dairy production with a climate and soil that provides optimum conditions for dairy farming. We are dedicated to keep it that way and Denmark is a world acknowledged frontrunner in environmental protection. 

We would love to welcome you at the Dairy or one of our farms. No matter if you are a consumer or business partner feel free to contact us at for planning a visit.

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